Bolton Creations Signature Christmas Glassware Set

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We are making a break in the industry with something new and something EVERYONE NEEDS to celebrate their Christmas Day. 

Introducing the world's first Signature Christmas Glassware. 
Glassware with 1 icon that makes you think about Christmas
Glassware where everyone gets a special class to celebrate with
Glassware that hasn't hit the shelves ANYWHERE in the world... why's that? because we thought of it first!! 

Finish off your Lunch or Dinner Table with actual Christmas Spirits that will have your family asking you where you got these glasses. 

Icons include:
- Reindeer
- Wreath
- Bauble
- Christmas Present 
- Christmas Bell
- Christmas Tree

Complete your Christmas Collection Now and Add this to your Cart! 

This comes as a Set of 6