Will You Be My Groomsmen Gift

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Men are simple creatures - and sometimes they don’t need a special way to be asked to be someone’s groomsmen. A Simple beer and “How ya going mate?” Can even do the trick!

This doesn’t mean its going to be MUCH cooler and sentimental than to give your mate an alcoholic gift with their name on it.

Our Groomsmen Proposal Boxes are a ONE-Of-A-KIND-DOESN’T-EXIST-ANYWHERE-ELSE kind of proposal box! Sure there are other kinds of proposal boxes out there - but there’s a reason why EVERYONE is lining up to grab this box.

This Black leather box is laser engraved with the Groomsmen’s name - followed by the question “Will you be my groomsmen?” Then some special details of the couples wedding so they’ll never forget that they were asked to participate in the most important day of your life! It also comes with 4 Alcoholic accessories that your groomsmen will surely use!

Alcohol is not included in this one - as many men have different tastes - but this easily will fit a Macallan 12 Single Malt full Sized scotch - so the possibilities are endless!

Be sure to grab yours for a friend today!