FINE Burgundy Glass - Initials

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Hey love, 

You know that moment at the end of the day, when you're thinking about how your day went and the thought comes across your mind where you say to yourself "I deserve a wine after that". Then you go to your cupboard and just grab any glass even though you naturally favour a particular one anyway and start pouring away. 

Well, we've created a designated glass just for that. One that identifies with you, knows your day and celebrates with you your struggles and celebrations. 

How does it do that? Well, its personalised just for you, so it's made to do so. 

So instead of grabbing that random glass - grab the one with your initials on it. Make it really YOURS. Make it really your MOMENT. To celebrate. To relax. 

Not to mention when your friends come over, they're going to be envying your identity because you've created your own special moment every time you crack open that bottle of wine. 

Make it yours, love. You won't regret it.

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FREE ENGRAVING with each item

#1 Gift Item for a friend or lover.

Product Specifications:

- Crystal Bordeaux Red Wine Glass
- Contents 657 ml
- Height:
221 mm
- Diameter 106mm
- Dishwasher safe
- Made in Germany
- Beverage Variety: all red varieties including Shiraz, Cabernet and Pino Noir
- Colour: Crystal
- Production: Machine Blown

Engraved Initial options: 

Options available:
- Small Initials (Up to 3 Letters)
- Large Initial (1 Letter)


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