Pet Pawtraits

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Bolton Creations Pet Pawtraits are the perfect addition to your family's home!

Having an existing photo transformed into a gift for someone not only provides sentiment but give them a long lasting memory of your fur-baby even after they've passed! 

With Multiple options on style, size and frame, you can customise this print entirely! 

Please send a HIGH RES photo of the pet you wish to be painted to

Please include the order number and name of pet!

Our designs have 2 options, Studio and Intricate

Studio artwork is where we take the photo you've given us and recreate the image in terms of colour and lighting. We may get in contact with you if Studio is the best option in regards to the quality of the photo. It allows us to symmetrically turn your everyday photo into one that were to be taken in a Studio with the correct lighting to show all of your Pet's features. 

Examples of this are shown through pawtraits of Oscar, Stella & Poppy

Intricate Artworks is where we take the photo you've sent us and do an EXACT copy of the photo in the artwork capturing all shades and colours of the face. This means designs are not Symmetrical, and will vary depending on the shading of your Pet. Colours are found using the eyedropper tool and are traced in the correct area space regarding that colour. 

Examples are shown through pawtraits of Koda, Buddy, Lucy, Chevy, Ludo & Monty. 


If you are unsure of what to choose, send through your photo to and we can assist you!

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